Homemade Pizza

I feel like Fridays and pizza just go together, don’t you? Nothing like finishing off your week with a warm, chewy, cheesy slice….or 5……no judgement…….

So, I am really spoiled living here in Long Island because I could drive 5 minutes in any direction and run into a local, non-chain pizza place with great pizza. And thought I could easily pick some up, it’s really fun sometimes to make your own pizza.


I start this process with a trip to my local pizza place. Instead of picking up a pie, I pick up some dough. Maybe one of these days I’ll try to make my own……but there’s is SO GOOD.

For this pizza, I’m doing a white pizza (no red sauce, just fresh mozzarella and ricotta cheese) with chicken cutlet (hooray leftovers!), kalamata olives, grape tomatoes, and marinated artichokes


To start, I dust some flour on my clean work surface, rolling pin, and hands.


I then place the dough in the center of my floured area, and begin to roll out, aiming for the size of the baking sheet I am using.


Once I’ve arrived at the desired size and shape, I move the dough to my ungreased baking sheet. All the flour used to prevent the dough from sticking to the counter and rolling pin will also prevent it from sticking in the pan.

Here’s a trick that makes it a bit easier: roll the dough around the rolling pin,


pick it up and place on the baking sheet, an then unroll.



You can then make minor adjustments in the pan if necessary.

And then the fun part: dressing your pizza! You really can put whatever you want on here. Make it look pretty. Make a fun face. Make it exactly the way you want.

I started with a little olive oil, salt and pepper


then my ricotta; I use part-skim, just because that’s what I like and what my Momma used when I was growing up


So creamy……so delicious. I definitely had a couple of spoonfuls. Hey, that’s part of the priviledge of being the chef…..gotta make sure it’s ok, right?


I then add my equally delicious fresh mozzarella. “Regular” mozzarella would be fine, but the fresh stuff really puts this pizza over the edge. It’s worth the extra money.


And then the rest of the pizza bling, and into the oven it goes! 350 degrees, for 20 to 25 minutes. I checked mine at 20 and it didn’t look done, so I put it back in for 4 more minutes and then it looked just right:


Does that not look perfect?!? I cut into 8 pieces, and 2 pieces was more than enough. Let me tell you, it was delicious. And not only delicious, it was easy, fast, and pretty cheap.

Another fun idea would be to cut the dough into 4 pieces to make individual pizzas, or do calzones! This dough is so versatile……I’m excited to experiment with something new next time.

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